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by Melissa Kaylene | Bites & Platters

The Creator of Bites & Platters:

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! As you already know, creating appetizers and party platters is kind of one of my hobbies, but let me introduce myself a bit more for you.

As a child, I grew up in southern Oregon and moved four hours north to the Willamette Valley when I was a teenager. I’m married and have three kids: Anika, Emma, and Noah. They are all very involved in school and extracurricular activities.

I have always loved to create. When I was a child I would spend my afternoons drawing, writing, and cooking. I grew up without much, but somehow it always seemed to be enough. I had a few difficult years as a teenager due to my parents divorcing, so I moved a lot. I met my husband when I was young and settled down, planting our roots in a small town for our kids to grow up in.

In 2009 I graduated from nursing school and became an LPN. I still currently work a few shifts a month to help pay the bills.


Why Bites & Platters?

I’ve actually been curating online since 2012, and have learned a whole lot over the years. I also write over at www.MelissaKaylene.com , which is my other website that focuses on celebrating life and making memories daily. So why start a second website? While I absolutely love Melissa Kaylene, I wanted to create something that has a more narrow focus; a site that I could really delve into a really specific topic that I have a passion for. I had found myself coming up with content ideas for Melissa Kaylene, and so many of the ideas were focusing on different appetizers, platters, etc. So what better thing to do other than create a website that can house all of these recipes and ideas under one space?



Have any post ideas or questions for me? Email me at: info@bitesandplatters.com


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